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Lifeline program participants are eligible to participate in the federal government-funded Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The standard Life Wireless ACP plan includes 15 GB of 4G/LTE data and Unlimited Talk and Text. For more information about ACP eligibility read below or call us at 611 or 1-888-543-3620.

To OPT-IN to this ACP plan, please read the following and OPT-IN below.

The ACP is a benefit program operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service. The ACP monthly and device service discounts are non-transferrable. An eligible household is limited to one monthly service discount and one device discount. Eligibility for the ACP will be determined by the National Verifier, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). ACP benefits may be obtained from any participating provider of your choosing and your monthly service benefit may be transferred to another provider at any time.

Lifeline plans and benefits may be maintained without enrolling in the ACP. Your household can receive only one Lifeline and one ACP benefit. Your ACP plan can be separate or combined with your Lifeline plan, depending on the service plan you choose. If you would like to have your ACP plan on a separate device with a different phone number, please call customer care at 611 or 1-888-543-3620 right after you opt-in. Additional charges may apply. Lifeline participants may continue their existing Lifeline services without enrolling in the ACP, and may choose to take ACP benefits from another service provider.

When you opt-in to Life Wireless's ACP service, we will apply your Lifeline and ACP benefits to a single service plan. Our standard $40 ACP plan provides 15 GBs data plus unlimited talk and text for FREE after application of those benefits, state Lifeline support you may be eligible to receive, and company credits, if applicable. If you choose to participate only in the ACP program, your $30 ACP benefit will be applied and you will owe a $10 co-pay. ACP discounts can be applied to any available Life Wireless service plans. If you want to choose another plan, please call customer care at 611 or 1-888-543-3620. For more details on plan offerings, visit Upload/download speeds will be determined by your particular service plan and speeds also depend on other factors, including network availability, as described here. Our standard terms and conditions, including the Acceptable Use Policy, apply.

If the FCC announces the end of the ACP, we discontinue our ACP service offers, or we determine your household is no longer eligible, we will notify you and you will revert to receiving only the standard FREE Lifeline plan where available and if you are eligible. You may keep your ACP service plan or switch to any other plans that Life Wireless has to offer at the time by paying the applicable undiscounted rates plus applicable taxes and fees.


I authorize Life Wireless and its contracted partners, for the purpose of applying for, determining eligibility, enrolling in and seeking reimbursement of ACP service benefits, to collect, use, share and retain my personal information, including, but not limited to, information required for the purpose of establishing eligibility for and enrolling in the Lifeline program, and including, but not limited to, full name, full residential address, date of birth, last four digits of social security number, telephone number, eligibility criteria and status, the date on which the ACP service discount was initiated and, if applicable, terminated, usage status and other compliance requirements, the amount of support being sought for the service and/or device, and information necessary to establish identity and verifiable address, to the USAC to ensure proper administration of the ACP service benefit. Failure to provide consent will result in me being denied the ACP service benefit.

I agree that any state, local, Tribal government, school or school district, may share information about my receipt of benefits that would establish eligibility for the ACP, and that such information will be used only to determine ACP eligibility.

I give express consent for Life Wireless and its contracted partners to contact me to validate my eligibility for or desire to participate in Life Wireless's ACP offers, and other products and services via email, telephone, or text messaging. Text messaging and data rates may apply. Consent for calls and texts is optional and can be revoked at any time. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

I understand that ACP service benefits are limited to one per household. If I am found to already be receiving a ACP discount benefit from another ACP provider, I understand my current benefit will be transferred to Life Wireless. I consent to the transfer of my ACP discount benefit from my current ACP provider to Life Wireless.

I understand that ACP device benefits are limited to one device discount per household. I certify that if I receive a connected device discount from Life Wireless as part of the ACP program, I will pay a minimum of $10.01 and a maximum of $49.99 for the connected device and that, to the best of my knowledge, no one in my household has received a connected device discount from any service provider through the ACP.

I understand that if I am already enrolled in the EBB program, then each of the disclosures and consents contained herein shall apply with respect to the temporary EBB program and to the successor ACP program. I also understand that my household can get only one EBB or ACP benefit and consent to the transfer of my benefit to Life Wireless during the transition period from December 30, 2021 until February 28, 2022. I further consent to being enrolled in the ACP with Life Wireless as of March 1, 2022. I understand that during the transition period, I will continue to receive the monthly EBB service discount of up to $50 and that following the transition, I will receive the monthly ACP service discount of up to $30. I understand that if I qualified for EBB using eligibility criteria discontinued for the ACP, then I must re-verify my eligibility with USAC's National Verifier before March 1, 2022. I understand that I may receive additional information if I am required to take additional steps to maintain my ACP benefit as of March 1, 2022.

ACP Benefit Transfer Consent

A subscriber already enrolled in the ACP with another provider must consent to the transfer of their ACP benefit to Life Wireless.

The effect of an ACP benefit transfer is that your ACP benefit will be applied to Life Wireless's ACP service and will no longer be applied to service retained from your former ACP service provider. You may be subject to your former ACP provider's undiscounted rates as a result of the transfer if you elect to maintain service from that provider.

You are limited to one ACP benefit transfer transaction per service month, with limited exceptions for situations where a subscriber seeks to reverse an unauthorized benefit transfer or is unable to receive service from a specific provider.

After receiving and reviewing the foregoing required disclosures, I consent to and authorize Life Wireless to transfer my current ACP benefit to Life Wireless, if I am found to already be receiving an ACP discount benefit from another ACP provider.

Certification of Truth and Correctness Under Penalty of Perjury:

I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that the information included in the foregoing applications and certifications is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

E-sign Certification:

I consent to use of this electronic form. I understand I have the right to enroll in the service using non-electronic methods. I further understand that I have the right to withdraw this consent at any time prior to the activation of my service. Life Wireless has advised me and I understand that I may request a paper copy of my contractual terms and associated fees or withdraw this consent by calling 1-888-543-3620.

Affordable Connectivity FAQs

Affordable Connectivity Terms and Conditions

Affordable Connectivity Transfer Dispute

To obtain Life Wireless service potential subscribers must meet certain eligibility requirements such as receiving governmental assistance or a household income that is 135% or below Federal Poverty guidelines for a household of that size, or the percentage guideline for your state. The specifics of what determines a potential subscriber's eligibility are specific to each state. Life Wireless service is limited to one per household, and cannot be combined with any other Lifeline offering.