Jan 23, 2023

How Cellphones Help with Homework

How Cellphones Help with Homework

These days, there’s no such thing as a student without a cellphone. And, as with any innovation, there has been plenty of debate as to whether or not cell phones should be allowed in school. But the truth is that when used properly, cell phones can be a great tool to help kids learn and succeed in the classroom. Here’s how.

A cell phone allows easy access to information

Using a cell phone in school offers students access to a tremendous source of knowledge quickly and easily. With the advent of the internet, students now have access to an almost infinite amount of information at their fingertips.

By giving classroom students access to the internet via their cell phones, they can quickly look up facts, figures, dates, events, and other important things that would have otherwise taken much longer to discover. This can be especially helpful in school when students are researching a project or writing and submitting a paper. Cell phones can also be used to easily search for definitions and synonyms, helping students expand their vocabulary and making their written homework assignments much clearer and more precise.

Cell phones can be particularly helpful with online programs, when students might have to record presentations for an assignment. Now there's no worry about not having a camera on the computer. They can just use the one on their phone.

With the right apps and websites, students can watch educational videos, listen to podcasts, and even take online courses. This can be a great and fun way to supplement a student's regular curriculum and give them the extra boost they need to really understand a certain topic.

The benefits the phones bring to the educational experience are undeniable. Of course, as with any technology, it's important for parents to have a significant discussion about using the phones appropriately within guidelines set by themselves and the school.

Cell phones allow easy communication with parents and teachers

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Cell phones are also a great way for young people to stay in touch with their teachers and parents. Cell phones are making teacher and student communication easier, which does wonders for learning. From improved collaboration to educational apps, it's plain to see that cell phones can and do foster learning. Thanks to instant messaging and other communication apps, students can quickly text their teachers any questions or concerns they may have regarding a certain assignment or issue. Similarly, parents can text their children to check in on their academic progress and ensure that they are on track with their schoolwork.

Cell phones can also be used for students to stay organized and up to date on events, deadlines, and other important school-related activities. Using a cell phone in school can be a great way for students to stay connected, organized, and informed. By giving students access to the internet and allowing them to stay in touch with their teachers, parents, and peers, cell phones can be a powerful tool in helping them achieve success in the classroom.

An easier way to take notes and stay motivated to study

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Not only are we seeing students using smartphones to now video record lectures, photograph instructor notes, and collaborate through cloud-based applications, but some instructors are starting to allow the students to research items of interest during a lecture or use Twitter to open a backchannel of conversation and enhance student participation and engagement.

A cellphone connected to Wi-Fi can motivate a student to actually do their work because they can access the world’s biggest library right then and there. If there is any confusion about something the teacher is teaching, they can get online, google it, watch some educational videos, and clarify things for themselves.

A mobile phone is a good time manager

Some students really enjoy studying and doing homework. Others, not a chance. The majority probably fall somewhere between these two extremes, but all can benefit from a scheduled time to study and complete their work, and an alarm set to remind them when projects are due, books need to be returned, etc. can help your student learn time management and keep them on task. While a sturdy paper calendar has its benefits, keeping your calendar on your phone allows you to really stay on top of things. Encourage your student to put due dates in the calendar on his or her phone, along with a note and an alarm set reminders them, and not only could they learn more they could also be far less stressed.

Learning Goes On Even When Out Of Class

Students no longer have to wait to use the one computer in the kitchen or a computer in the computer lab (remember those days?) to check things out. With mobile internet-enabled devices, they can research and read anywhere, any time. This means that learning goes on all the time, in and out of the school setting. Students no longer have to wait to use a computer or go to the library because with a smartphone, the world’s biggest library, the internet, is at their disposal.

In addition to reading, there are so many learning applications in the app stores for students at all levels in school. This means that a student can get extra help right from their phone by using an app for the subject they’re struggling with. Even better, most of these apps are free, or available for a nominal price. Beyond apps, there are many subject matter forums available to students via smartphone and a plethora of social media communities that can connect students to experts in a variety of subjects.

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While there are many different types of students, there’s one undeniable fact about all of them: they love technology. Encourage your student to use technology – their smartphone – to help with their school work and they will. The upshot is that good grades mean a brighter future. Something we all want for our kids.

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