Apr 12, 2024

Act Now to Save the ACP!

Act Now to Save the ACP!

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The Affordable Connectivity Program, a federal program of the United States Federal Communications Commission, will run out of funding in the spring of this year unless Congress takes immediate action to extend funding for the program.

This means you and all ACP enrolled households will lose your Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) benefits.

And in this day and age, no one can afford to go without high speed internet.

Contact your congressional representatives today

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Let them know the ACP and its monthly discount is critical to helping your household stay connected to the internet. Take this crucial step and click below to email your representative now about the importance of the broadband service and high speed internet provided by ACP.

Email Your Representative Now

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Follow the link above to the National Lifeline Association. Here they will help you find your local representative. You can send the email they provide on the site or write your own in the space provided. It is imperative our representatives and the White House re-think their decision on the ACP wind down.

Use the Contact Your Elected Senators and Representative areas on the National Lifeline Association website

To help secure new ACP funding needed to keep Americans connected, use the “Contact Your Elected Senators and Representative” areas on this page to automatically send an email asking Congress to fund the ACP.

Other Ways to Help


Contact additional Representatives so they can urge Congress to act soon on this crucial infrastructure investment. Visit https://www.commoncause.org/find-your-representative/ to find the names and contact information for your Federal, State and Local representatives.


You can apply for Federal Lifeline benefits to ensure that your service remains connected if the ACP ends. Visit https://www.lifewireless.com/plansto see if you qualify for the program and if Life Wireless offers Lifeline plans in your state.

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Stay tuned for updates on the ACP program. Life Wireless will keep you informed of important Affordable Connectivity Program funding information.

The time is NOW to save the ACP

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has helped more than 22 million eligible households, many of whom reside on tribal lands, with a discount on internet access and high speed internet service.

Don't wait

This program is crucial for connecting lower income families and communities and alleviating the burden of costs on families struggling to choose between broadband services and other expenses. Without it, the digital divide in this country will grow larger than ever.

However, funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program will run out -- SOON -- in the spring of this year if action is not taken to re-fund the program. Please contact your representative to insist this vital internet service be funded.

Email Your Representative Now

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