Nov 2, 2023

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Celebrate National Gratitude Month with Life Wireless!
Have an Attitude of Gratitude

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Did you know that the month of November is National Gratitude Month? This probably comes as no shock, since Thanksgiving, a day of practicing gratitude, is one of the major holidays this month. There are so many wonderful ways of practicing gratitude and expressing gratitude (send your mom an e-greeting card from your phone! Check in on your grandpa with a Facetime call!), and in this post, we're going to cover lots of them.

What is National Gratitude Month?

National Gratitude Month does not have a widely recognized or official starting point, and there isn't a specific organization or entity that officially established it. Instead, it seems to have originated from the general concept of promoting gratitude and thankfulness, which has been a part of various cultural and religious traditions for centuries.

Grandma, grandpa, and family sitting around the Thanksgiving table.

It's fitting that we celebrate it in November, in time to reflect on what we're grateful for at Thanksgiving and to remind us to be grateful all year long. National Gratitude Month is dedicated to expressing and appreciating gratitude for the good things and people in our lives. The month serves as a reminder to reflect on what we're thankful for and to show appreciation to others.

During National Gratitude Month, individuals and organizations often participate in activities, services and initiatives aimed at promoting gratitude. Some common practices include keeping a gratitude journal, where people write down things they are thankful for every day, expressing gratitude to friends, family, and colleagues, and volunteering or helping those in need to give back to the community.

The month is also a time when schools, workplaces, and communities may organize events and projects centered around gratitude and recognition. These activities can include gratitude-themed workshops, presentations, and awareness campaigns, all aimed at fostering a sense of appreciation and thankfulness.

It's important to note that while National Gratitude Month is specifically observed in November, practicing gratitude is a practice that can be beneficial throughout the year. Developing a habit of gratitude can lead to a more positive outlook on life and enhance overall well-being.

National Gratitude Month gives us the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves to give thanks for the people and things around us. Keep reading for a list of ways to practice gratitude this month.

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is a positive emotion that has been linked to various health and well-being benefits, including improved mental health and better relationships.

Asian American daughter hugging her grandmother.

Gratitude is the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. Being grateful helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

There are so many ways to express gratitude. From showing your appreciation through making holiday themed food for loved ones on Thanksgiving, to thanking a Veteran for his or her service.

How does feeling and expressing gratitude make us healthy?

Gratitude improves our physical health. People who practice gratitude experience fewer aches and pains and they report feeling healthier than other people. This is because grateful people are more likely to take care of their health. They exercise more and take better care of themselves, which contributes to good health.

Harvard Medical School highlights the findings of studies that show the power of gratitude. “In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

Ways to practice gratitude.

Showing gratitude can make you feel better about your life, manage mental health problems like depression and anxiety, improve self-esteem and sleep, lower your stress and more. Sounds great. But what are some of the ways to do this?

Make a gratitude list.

Jot down five things that you're grateful for each day. This will help you keep a more grateful attitude in general by focusing on the positive things in your life, you'll have more energy, patience, and inner peace; all which can be directed towards achieving your goals.

Start a gratitude journal.

Even the busiest of people can benefit from gratitude journaling. No, it doesn't have to be a major time commitment, but taking just a few minutes each morning before you start your day – or a few minutes in the evening as part of a relaxing nighttime routine – a great opportunity to write down things you're grateful for.

Tell someone how much you appreciate them. Send an e-card!

Your family, friends, coworkers, partners, and coaches are all special. So tell them so. Make a call. Send a text. Or tell them how much you appreciate them with an e-greeting card from Blue Mountain Greetings, 123 Greetings, or, if you prefer a lot of options, check out The 8 Best Sites for Free E-cards! You can send your e-greeting right from your phone or tablet and, no kidding, it will make the recipient's day.

Two people clasping hands.

Show someone how much you appreciate them. Facetime or video call them!

You may think you need a haircut, or your makeup isn't perfect, but family and friends don't care. They just want to see you. How better to let someone know you appreciate them than by a "face to face" greeting via Zoom or Facetime?

Happy older couple sitting on the sofa Facetiming with their daughter.

To get the most from your e-visit, communicate the details ahead of time. Say, "Hey grandma, I'm going to call you via Facetime tomorrow at 9 a.m. Have your coffee ready and we'll catch up!" If you think an e-card will make them smile, just wait until they see your smiling face on their phone!

Be thankful for what you have.

Having a grateful heart allows you to have more compassion for others and more love and compassion for yourself. It also empowers you to grow and learn and support your needs. Focus on the things for which you are grateful and remember that the things that go wrong don't define you.

Being always grateful does not mean that one would deny the fact that negative things happen in life (that will be delusional); it means finding and focusing more on the good. It means finding something to be grateful for amid the preponderance of bitterness and hardship.

It also doesn't mean you'll never experience negative emotions again (although wouldn't that be great?) but finding ways to show gratitude daily can have a positive impact on your everyday life.

Spread the love.

The idea is that people should think about what they are grateful for and then express this gratitude to others. Although it's not always possible to practice this during the busy workday, it's possible to cultivate gratitude toward your coworkers employees, family members, and friends every day of the year. It's a small gesture but makes all the difference.

Gray haired grandma and granddaughter cooking on the stove.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Gratitude Month and show gratitude all year round.

  • Call someone you love out of the blue. 

  • Surprise a loved one with an e-card just because.

  • Text a friend or family member just to "check in."

  • Make a Facetime call to your bestie without giving her or him a head's up.

  • Say thank you.

  • Highlight and acknowledge the strengths of others.

  • Give back to the community.

  • Tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Final thoughts on gratitude.

Finding ways to show gratitude each day keeps us from dwelling on negative emotions and brings us back to a positive mindset. Beyond just ourselves, however, it also has the effect of boosting others, which is a great way to pay it forward.

Slow down so you can fully take in your surroundings. Take a deep breath and notice all the things you're grateful for in that moment. That's the most beautiful way to experience gratitude.

We can mirror the changes that happen in nature by slowing down this fall, resting, and reflecting with gratitude on everything wonderful in our lives.

Mixed race mother and daughter out for a walk.

National Gratitude Month is the perfect time to start noticing all the things that make you smile and appreciate them. The sunrise. The leaves changing on the trees. The crispness of the breeze. Practicing gratitude is the way to go, all year 'round. Text your bestie. Facetime with your mom. Let them know you love and appreciate them.

And, just so you know, at Life Wireless, we're grateful for you!

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