Jan 17, 2023

Earn Extra Income. Launch a Side Hustle with Your Cell!

Earn Extra Income. Launch a Side Hustle with Your Cell!

In this day and age, we live in a world where having multiple streams of passive income, is becoming increasingly necessary. Smartphones offer a great way to make extra money on the side with a side hustle by utilizing apps and websites that let you make money right from your phone.

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Working a side hustle via your mobile device can be both a great way to make money on the side and a fantastic opportunity to explore different niches and new technologies.

For those looking to explore ways of having their own business and earning extra money with limited equipment, a smartphone and a bit of creativity are all that is needed to get started on some of these hustles. Just be sure that whichever side hustle you pursue, you do your due diligence and ensure that any downloads or services are legitimate, as there are a lot of scams out there too.

Monetize your skills:  

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One of the most popular ways to start making money on the side with your smartphone is through online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com. These marketplaces allow you to offer your services, such as writing, web design, programming, graphic design, or any other skill you possess, in exchange for money.

The best part about offering your services on these platforms is that you can work whenever and wherever you have an internet connection – meaning you can earn a few bucks of extra money on the side right from your smartphone.

Be a tutor:

Whether you're learning how to tutor in online courses or you've been doing it for a while, listing your services on Wyzant is one of the most effective ways to build and manage your own tutoring business and really start making money. Wyzant has a special mobile app for tutors to use from — you guessed it — just your phone.

Are you an English teacher? Teach English virtually with the Virtual English Teaching app. How Does It Work? Simply download the app, and you'll have access to a number of English teaching jobs that you can do right from your own home. Browse and apply for job listings and find that perfect way to make some extra money with a side hustle.

Do voiceovers: 

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With recent advances in mobile technology, there are vast opportunities for those who'd like to start making money by doing voiceovers from the comfort of their own home for extra cash. Specializing in audiobook readings, podcast hosting, and radio advertisements, individuals are able to utilize their voice to talk to others through their advertisement stories or create memorable impressions.

Investing in a microphone to use with the phone and some basic audio editing apps opens up the door to begin charging for services.

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Create web content: 

If you enjoy creating content, then you can also make money by publishing it on the web. If you are a writer, you can start a blog, create an e-book, or offer freelance services. Likewise, if you are a videogame enthusiast, you can record videos of yourself playing and post them on YouTube to earn income through ads.

Become an influencer: 

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Many popular influencers are regularly being hired to promote a brand or product through their social media accounts. Becoming an influencer can help to create a steady income stream that is both easy and fun as a side hustle. Companies are willing to pay quite well to have their products or campaigns promoted, giving you flexible hours and the potential to increase your income.

While having a large following helps, those with smaller followings can also just focus on creating captivating content to generate audience interest and response.

Monetize your phone’s camera: 

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Another great way to make some extra cash is by monetizing your phone’s camera. If you have a blog or website, you can take pictures of interesting things that you come across during your day-to-day activities to use as content. Alternatively, you can also take photos of nature and scenery, and sell stock photos. Platforms like Shutterstock allow you to upload your photos for sale and make your photographs available for purchase. When you sell stock photos, you won't make a lot of money, but you will earn money passively.

One site that pays for user-uploaded stock photos is Foap. You create an online portfolio of photos and videos you've taken, and then a brand or agency (or anyone else) who wants to use one of them can purchase it. Photos sell for $10 each, and the proceeds are split 50/50 between you and Foap.

Reaching out to companies, local facebook groups and individuals that might be interested in hiring a photographer for their product and wedding photography are also great starting points. For those who are more talented in the video and video editing department, creating their own hours of promotional content for brands and influencers will bring a steady stream of side income.

Perform tasks – look into TaskRabbit, UserTesting, and Mobee, as well as Uber and Lyft:

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You can also make money by performing small tasks through apps like TaskRabbit, UserTesting, and Mobee. These apps let you complete basic tasks such as deliveries and surveys, which you can do right from your phone.

Regarding Uber and Lyft, anyone with a car and a valid license can become an Uber or Lyft driver. There are of course requirements in place regarding certifications, but these are not overly difficult to obtain. With a free application installed on your smartphone, you can quickly start driving around to make extra income.

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These companies pay their drivers quite well and it is possible to make a great deal in tips for extended services, such as taking someone to the airport.

Best side hustle apps

Do you have old cell phones, DVDs, tablets, or other used tech sitting around your house? Then you should see how much Decluttr will pay you for it! This is one of the best side hustle apps because it makes selling easy. You simply scan the barcode or browse Decluttr's database, see how much they'll pay you, and then send your item off if you agree with Decluttr's valuation. Decluttr sends you a prepaid shipping label so you don't need to pay for shipping, and they pay one day after your item arrives.

Facebook is one of the best side hustle apps of 2023 because there are two very cool ways to make money with it. First of all, you can use Marketplace to sell anything from clothes, baby equipment, and cars. Or, you can use it to run Facebook ads for small businesses and make an extra $1,000 to $2,000/month per client.

Want your opinion to matter? Try the Surveys On The Go app. This app pays you to take surveys, allowing you to voice your opinion while getting paid. Pro Tip: You can earn plenty of money with this app as you'll be in charge of when you take surveys and how many you take at a time.

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These are just a few of the many potential side hustles that can be pursued with the use of a cell phone. Whether you choose to offer services on an online marketplace, monetize your camera, watch videos, create content, or simply perform small tasks, you can increase your earnings with your smartphone and – even better – you can keep more of what you make if you don’t have to pay for your smartphone or your service!

Consider a free government cellphone.

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Free government cell phones have become a popular way for low-income households to stay connected to their family and the rest of the world. This service, which is provided by the Federal government, allows those with limited incomes to have access to a phone they otherwise may not be able to afford.

Another benefit of free government cell phones is their ability to provide users with the information they need quickly and conveniently. This can include things like news reports, announcements from local government agencies, job listings, and more. Those who are looking for work need to know what is going on in their local area, or who simply want to keep tabs on the world around them can easily do so with a cell phone.

Free government cell phones also provide low-income families with the ability to stay connected during times of emergency. Whether it’s a tornado warning or an extreme weather alert, having a cell phone can be a lifesaver. With a cell phone, users can be notified of warnings and then go to a safe place as quickly as possible. Knowing that they can contact someone in an emergency situation, or just reach out for a friendly chat when feeling lonely, can make a huge difference in one’s life.

For low-income families, getting a free government cell phone is a great way to remain connected to their loved ones, stay on top of important news, and call for help in times of emergency. With no monthly fees or plans required, these phones offer an affordable and convenient way to stay in touch.

Now, why not launch your new side hustle with your free cell phone and service from Life Wireless?

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At Life Wireless we believe in helping you save money and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. And how better to do that then with free wireless service from Life Wireless.

It’s not difficult to qualify for free cellular service from Life Wireless, if you meet certain requirements, and it takes just a few minutes to complete the application.

A little background

Life Wireless offers government subsidized free cellular service through the Affordable Connectivity Program to qualifying individuals and families. And, if you’re unemployed or participate in a government benefit program such as SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, SSI, or WIC, you already qualify for this federally funded free cellular service.

About the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

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As we mentioned above, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government benefit program operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service. ACP benefits may be obtained from any participating provider of your choice including Life Wireless. Only one member of a household can participate in the program and the service cannot be transferred to another family member or individual.

Because many families struggle to afford cell phones and Internet access, both of which are vital to staying connected with their children’s schools, doctors, and employers, among others, the Federal Government offers ACP and another program called Lifeline. Using both doubles your connectivity!

About Lifeline

Lifeline is a federal program created to help qualified households pay for connectivity services such as wireless and internet plans. As with the Affordable Connectivity Program, only one member of a household can participate in the program and the service cannot be transferred to another family member or individual.

Examples of one household:

  • A married couple that lives together

  • A parent/guardian and child who live together

  • An adult who lives with friends or family who financially support him/her

Each of these are one household and must share one benefit.

Examples of more than one household:

  • Four roommates who live together but do not share money are four households. They can have one benefit each, for a total of four benefits.

  • 30 seniors who live in an assisted-living home are 30 households. They can have one benefit each, for a total of 30 total benefits.

Each state has different eligibility requirements such as receiving government assistance or having a household income that is at or below the federal poverty level for the state in which you reside.

In general though, you are qualified to receive Lifeline if you participate in any of the programs listed here:

  • Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

  • Medicaid (not Medicare)

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Section 8 Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)

  • Veteran's Pension or Survivor's Pension Benefit

Additionally, if you are a resident of a Federally-recognized Tribal land, you may qualify under the following programs:

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

  • Tribally Administered TANF

  • Head Start (if you meet the income-qualifying standards)

Even if you’re paying just $20 a month for cell service, wouldn’t it be great to have that $240 to spend more money on on groceries? If you apply for Lifeline and are approved, you’ll receive:

  • FREE Unlimited Talk & Text

  • FREE 15GB Data (+ more data for California residents)

  • FREE Smartphone (or bring your own)

Pair Lifeline with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and DOUBLE your connectivity

If you’re approved for Lifeline and you sign up for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you get two sources of free talk, text, and unlimited data that you can split between two phones. That means free cell service for you and free cell service for someone you love. If your child has been asking for a cell phone, this is a terrific opportunity to provide him or her with talk, text, unlimited data and the ability to stay in touch with you!

Of course you don’t have to split the service between two phones, you can keep it all on one. But it’s a wonderful option if your spouse, child or relative needs a phone but has been unable to get one due to the expense.

Whichever option you choose – to keep the data on one phone or split it between two – Life Wireless will make sure you receive the free talk, text, and unlimited data to help you stay connected.

Option 1: Combine Your Data

Activate Lifeline and ACP on the same device and receive unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 5GB of mobile hotspot.

Option 2: Split Your Data

Split your data between two phones or supported devices and you’ll have one device with ACP’s free talk, text, and 6GB of data and a second device with Lifeline’s talk, text, and 4.5GB of data (6GB of data in California).

Additional, important, details

Life Wireless service is a prepaid service offered to those eligible for ACP discount benefits and those eligible for Lifeline benefits.  To maintain your service and benefits, you need to:

  • activate your service by calling someone,

  • initiating data usage (by going on Facebook, for example), or

  • by responding to instructions from Life Wireless to activate the service.

To keep your account active, you need to use the service at least once during any 30-day period by:

  • calling someone,

  • answering a call from someone other than Life Wireless,

  • sending a text message,

  • using cellular data (again, by going on Facebook or Amazon, for example),

  • purchasing additional service from Life Wireless,

  • or by responding to a direct contact from Life Wireless confirming that you want to continue receiving service from Life Wireless.

Should your service goes unused for 30 days, you will no longer be eligible for Lifeline benefits and your service may be suspended (allowing only 911 calls and calls to the Life Wireless's customer care center), and subject to a 15-day cure period during which you must use the service (as described above) in order to fully re-activate your service, keep your telephone number and remain enrolled in the ACP.

For questions about Life Wireless, visit our Contact Us page here. To enroll now, use the Life Wireless Online Enrollment form.

Fast facts about Life Wireless

Yes, you can add more minutes and data!

You can purchase additional minutes or data one of the following ways:

  • Go to www.LifeWireless.com and click "Add Minutes/Data"

  • If you have a smart phone, go to your MyLifeWireless app and click "Add Minutes".

  • Call Customer Service at 1-888-543-3620, or by dialing 611 on your Life Wireless phone.

  • You can also go to any Moneygram location and use Receive Code: 7924

Yes, you can track your minutes!

Your minutes replenish each month on your anniversary date before end of the day. For example if you signed up and received your minutes on the 12th of the month, your minutes will replenish every month on the 12th of the month.

You can check your account balance the following ways:

  • Go to www.LifeWireless.com and click "My Account"

  • Go to your MyLifeWireless app on your phone, and click "Check Balance"

  • Call Customer Service at 1-888-543-3620, or by dialing 611 on your Life Wireless phone.

Yes, you can keep your current phone number!

If your application is approved, you have the option to keep your current phone number.

Once you receive your Life Wireless phone in the mail, call Life Wireless Customer Service at 1-888-543-3620 and a representative will assist you in keeping your current number. Make sure that you don't call from your Lifeline phone and have your account number and password from your previous carrier handy.

What our customers are saying:   

Smiling young woman leaning against a farm truck in a field and talking on her cell.

"Life Wireless has been great. I have used it so many times for appointments and finding the proper care providers for my needs as well as for my family's needs. Thank you so much Life Wireless!" Rebecca L., KY

Without this phone I would be lost. It has helped me stay in contact with my daughter’s specialist. I schedule her appointments and they can call back if there are any complications with her results. Thank you, Life Wireless.” Amanda Z., PA

"I've been looking for apartments, doctor’s offices, and school phone numbers, and my data provided has been a tremendous help in gaining access to this information. I'm very grateful for this service.” Maria R. AZ

Don’t wait. Get FREE wireless service now!



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