Jun 1, 2023

How to Clean Your Cellphone Speakers Safely

How to clean dirt from cellphone speakers
How to Clean Your Cellphone Speakers Safely

In this post, we're going to address how to clean dirt from cellphone speakers because, believe it or not, they do get dirty!

Sound from your phone speaker muffled or distorted?

If, while you’re talking on your phone during phone calls or listening to music, watching a movie, etc., the sound quality is muffled or distorted, it’s time to clean your phone's speaker. It’s important to the life of your phone's speakers to do this periodically, and it’s equally important to do it properly so you don’t harm your phone speaker grille.

Let’s start with what not to do to your phone speakers

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Don’t use sharp objects to clean your phone's speaker. Anyone who suggests you clean your phone's speaker with a toothpick, tweezer, or even a paperclip should be ignored. The last thing you want to do is “gouge” small speaker holes get out any gunk loose dust that’s collected in the phone speaker.


Don’t use any kind of liquid, and that includes rubbing alcohol on your iPhone speakers or Android speakers. Liquid and the inner mechanics of your phone speaker are not a good mix.

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Don’t use canned, compressed air, or forced air. Your phone speakers are far too delicate for these tools and using them could just force more dirt surface dust deeper into your device.

Now, let’s talk about what you should do

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Turn off your phone. Get a brush with soft bristles and use the soft bristled brush gently along the phone speakers, also known as the speaker port. When you clean phone speakers, do so at an angle so you’re brushing dirt out and not up into the phone's speaker grille. Consider using a flashlight to really see what you're dealing with inside the speaker openings.


Try adhesive putty to remove dust and dirt, just take care not to push it into the speaker holes. When you’re shopping, look for one that’s as sticky as possible. As with the brush, the goal is to get the dust and dirt out clean your phone, not push it into your phone.

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Use an air-blower. This is a completely different tool than compressed air and air-blowers are safe for smartphones. Try using one after you’ve brushed your smartphone speakers out with dry cloth or the soft-bristled brush mentioned above.


Try sticky tape. Painters’ tape or masking tape works best clean your phone speaker, as they don’t leave any residue behind. Just simply tear off a small piece, loop it around your finger and carefully apply to your phone’s speaker.


Pick up one of the many cleaning kits available. Some come with a rubber air blower that you squeeze to blow off the dust or special cleaning brushes.

The long and short of cleaning your speakers is this:

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For best audio quality results, you’ll probably want to use a combination of all 5 “dos” listed above. If after all those options are exhausted, you’re still experiencing distortion of the sound quality, or muffling, consider taking your device to a professional who will open it up and clean the speaker from the inside out. Remember that moisture is an enemy to your phone's speaker, so to best maintain its audio technology and quality, never leave it in a humid environment.

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